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Why choose SiteArcade?


In under a minute, we pull your author info from Amazon, match your styles to your covers, and promote exactly the right book. All before you even reach the editor.


Clean? Organized? Inviting? Yes! And guess what? We generate top-notch press kits to help capture the attention of bloggers, reviewers, agents, and publishers.


Put your brand front-and-center. With us, your website always looks amazing. On every device, in every search engine result, and in every social media share.


We keep your website up-to-date with Amazon. Change a cover? Your site updates. Release a new book? We promote it automatically. Make your website work for you!

One link to rule them all

One link to rule them all

A website that grows with you.

When you sign up, we pull your books and profile info from Amazon and spin-up the perfect website. In seconds. No wasting hours putting everything where it goes.

Then as you publish new books, run promotions, and make changes, your site stays up to date. It’ll even promote the exact right book at the right time.

Take your website off your to-do list, because we’ve got you covered!

And if you don’t have an Amazon profile yet, no worries. You can enter your info manually for now, and we’ll start syncing the moment your first book appears in the store!

Your own Emerald City

Your own Emerald City

No more browser headaches!

From the moment you open the editor, your site looks great. We generate a color palette and font pairing that matches your books. And if you aren’t perfectly happy, we give you AI-powered tools to help ensure your site always looks 100%.

Plus, unlike a lot of options out there, our sites are supremely well-organized. We make it easy for readers, industry contacts, and reviewers to learn about you and your books.

Same goes for search engines and social media share cards. With pitch-perfect metadata, we make sure you look professional wherever you go.

A writer’s wonderland

A writer’s wonderland

Tools tailored to your needs.

Our sites are optimized to build your career. Whether you want to build your email list, drive event registrations, or promote special offers, we’ve got you covered. Your site will even automatically promote your newest releases, promotions, and pre-orders when appropriate.

Your home page, book pages, and series pages are all designed with conversion in mind. No more ceaseless rows of retailer icons. Our buy buttons remember each reader’s favorite store, making it easy for them to pick up the next book!

We also generate beautiful press kits as websites and PDFs, one for you, one for each book, and one for each series, so that reaching out to bloggers, journalists, podcasters, agents, and publishers is as easy as pie.

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